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With a population of 4.9 million, Liberia is one of the world’s poorest countries, with 40.9 percent of people living below the poverty line of 1.9$ a day.

With about 1.3 million citizens living in extreme poverty, half a million children have been forced to miss out on education. This is seen in the high numbers of uneducated citizens, making it the country with the highest school dropout rates in the world. Out of which 15 to 20 percent are 6-to 14-year-old children.

Women and children also strive to make it out of the poverty-stricken country accompanied by extreme violent environments. They not only face family issues and domestic challenges, but also miss out on the basic needs like food, clothing and housing, making education a luxurious need.

Despite significant improvements over the past decades to recover from 14 years of unrest civil conflict, progress towards provision of basic needs like healthcare and education have stagnated. To compound these barriers, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated extreme poverty impacting children and their families from already disadvantaged citizens.

This is where YDCA comes in. We offer smart solutions that break down the barriers between people living in poverty and access to quality education, peaceful coexistence, healthcare and empowerment.

YDCA’s approach is based on defined priorities and is divided into various programmes.

Our strategy is working. For five years now, we have impacted thousands of lives by providing quality education, healthcare and economic empowerments for marginalized women, disadvantage groups and underserved communities.

Our Works

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Mission & History


Our mission is to provide solaces for children, youth and women to enable them explore their potential, grow and develop


We envisioned a peaceful environment where children, youth & women live and grow to explore their full potential and freedom

What We Do


When a community gets access to basic healthcare services, it can just change about everything. It helps improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more times in schools.

 At YDCA Liberia, we create just that environment by developing programs to meet community needs. We mobilize resources and work with community leaders to design applicable solutions to addressing their health challenges.

We educate illiterate poor families and communities on hygiene promotion and healthy living in their homes, and surrounding.  We provide these basic health practices for family heads and train youths to serve as community health security agents. These ensure sustainable health practices in our projects’ settings. 

We provide a space that educates adolescent girls and young women on sexuality and their rights to education both in schools and communities. YDCA collaborates with other partners to promote health campaigns on HIV/AIDS and chronic diseases in various underserved communities in Liberia.  

Moreover, we also work with stakeholders and partners to provide safe drinking water and Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Latrines Facilities in communities and schools, and Liberia. 



We ensure food security for rural poor families and make provision to empower rural farmers for sustainable productivity, poverty alleviation, individual livelihood, and national economic growth.

YDCA has been working with rural famers  for 3 years now. We have contributed toward food security, job creation, and poverty alleviation through agriculture programs and supports.

YDCA is currently introducing smart agriculture/farming to rural farmers; the goal is to address the issues of population growth, climate change (to adapt and build resilience to climate change).


Children of all genders including women, and young girls alike regardless of income, age or education, are subjected to physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence; leading them to long-term physical, mental and emotional health problems in Liberia.  Children and women have the right to protection from abuses, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.

We envision a friendly and violence freed society where every child is free from sexual exploitation and abuse. We work at the service of all children without discrimination or proselytizing, nationality, and culture.

We advocacy for the protection of all children and women against abuse and trafficking, gender based violence across Liberia.


70% of youth and women are economically powerless and lack the basic to transform their social status and remain vulnerable and burden to society.

We work in underserved urban and rural communities where we identify rural-urban  poor women, youth and aging groups to improve their social, economic and educational conditions through life skills programs.

From 2017 to present we have endeavored to increase the capacity of youths or and groups through life skills and professional training programs. We train young people in computer literacy, and other marketable skills including entrepreneurship for Income generating activity for women.

More than 68% of our beneficiaries have been able to be self-employed in their communities and others have been fortunate in job placement. This empowerment initiative is to eradicate poverty endemic and minimize the vulnerability of young people in society.



Education is the key to unlock global opportunities and a right for every child and youth who have the potential to be future state functionary. Marginalized and underserved children are engulfed by extreme poverty endemic and now more than ever they need us to be their voice that protects and promotes their right to quality, and inclusive education.

We ensure that school-age-children who have zero or less access to schooling attend school and achieved quality education and be among the count of future leaders and/or state functionaries. 

We initiated a platform refer to as “School the poor Child” – a Scholarship Fund drive for Less Fortunate school age Children. Moreover, we incorporate variety of partners to ensure quality, and inclusive education; a call to action that commits social actors to support a child in school. We commit to providing sponsorship, educational gift in kind and school requirements for these challenged underserved children.

We work with educators and or schools administrators to provide a conducive, and violence freed learning environment for school age children to learn and develop.

The vast majorities of Liberians are rural poor family who survive by backyard garden which value cannot afford to send their children to primary school. Some of the children do not have the opportunity to see in the class room leaving them vulnerable and kept home for communal and child labors, early marriage, and some are trafficked to urban settlements exposing them to exploitations, commercial sex workers, and head bent criminality.

We work to ensure first time and late for school children become independent readers through catch up classes, helping them develop love for reading and lifelong learning and reconnecting them back to school.  


Our Team

Andrew K. Macgona Sr. - Board Chair.
Jeffrey Paye Jr. Executive Director
Aquila B. Cooper Administrative Officer
Siaffa O. Massaquoi Finance Manager
Abraham Z. Kalilu Program Officer
Aminata Jalloh Child Protection Officer

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