Educate A Child

650+ children educated!

More than half a million children are still missing education in Liberia. We need your help!


Education is the key to unlocking global opportunities and a right for every child and youth who has the potential to be a future state functionary. Marginalized and underserved children are engulfed by extreme poverty endemic and now more than ever they need us to be their voice that protects and promotes their right to quality, and inclusive education.

We ensure that school-age-children who have zero or less access to schooling attend school and achieve quality education and be among the count of future leaders and/or state functionaries.

We initiated a platform refers to as “School the poor Child” – a Scholarship Fund drives for Less Fortunate school age Children. Moreover, we incorporate a variety of partners to ensure quality and inclusive education; a call to action that commits social actors to support a child in school. We commit to providing sponsorship, educational gifts-in-kind, and school requirements for these challenged underserved children.

We work with educators and or school administrators to provide a conducive, and violent freed learning environment for school-age children to learn and develop.

The vast majorities of Liberians are rural poor families who survive by backyard garden which value cannot afford to send their children to primary school. Some of the children do not have the opportunity to see in the classroom leaving them vulnerable and kept home for communal and child labors, early marriage, and some are trafficked to urban settlements exposing them to exploitations, commercial sex workers, and head bent criminality.

We work to ensure first-time and late school children become independent readers through catch-up classes, helping them develop a love for reading and lifelong learning and reconnecting them back to school.